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A Little Dark, A Little Fantasy

While my big focus is on the sci-fi thriller stuff like "Existence", I do dabble in fantasy, mostly by the way of the podcast that I co-host (Rogues in the House). As such, I am member of a number of groups, both big and small, that relate to the fantasy genre in some way. About a month ago, one of these groups held a little contest where members submit shorts blurbs inspired by a piece of artwork from an RPG book.

I wrote something and I won! The judge was even the author of the book the art came from! That's pretty rad!

The following it the blurb I wrote. I am also including the art, artist, and the RPG the image came from.

-L. D.

The ratways and backstreets have always been dangerous. Between illicit trade of exotic goods, rival gangs, and the occasional kidnapping, it is safe to say that watching one's back around here came as second nature.

The only rule: No women. No kids.

All that changed.

Someone, or some thing, haunts these haunts these slums and alleys. It kills indiscriminately. It leaves prey hanging from roof tops, ravaged, like some jungle beast.

Only it's not.

People are scared. Even the Crows, the Scum and the Band of Seven Knives.


The City Watch is useless and the King sits fat upon his throne, blind to the ills that plague his own subjects. He is scared too.

Everyone knows it.

You know who isn't scared?


Why, you ask?

Because I know what it is.

Who it is.

And tonight we will all see what color it bleeds.

-L. D. Whitney

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