• Logan Whitney

Ripped from the Headlines

One of my favorite things about Thriller books is the feeling that any particular plot could be ripped straight from the headlines. Take this for example:

In 2001, a pair of notebooks penned by Charles Darwin, dubbed the "Tree of Life Notebooks," mysteriously disappeared from the Cambridge University Library. Originally thought to have been misplaced, it was soon discovered the journals had actually been stolen.

But why?

This is a true story. The conclusion of which prompted this post. On April 4, 2002, the notebooks were returned to the library, complete with a note from, presumably, the thief.


Happy Easter


I imagine the thief snatched the journals simply because they could and returning them was something of a challenge. But what if that wasn't the case?

What if the journal contained something secret, something dire, or something that could change the world?

Perhaps Darwin discovered something locked within the mysteries of evolution that he knew the world wasn't ready for?

Maybe, he found irrefutable evidence of intelligent design?

What did the thief want with this knowledge?

What are they planning?

James Rollins, Dan Brown, if you're looking for an idea man (not that you need it) shoot me an email.

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