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The Good Year

Man, so much has happened this year!

I began my summer with an amazing solo trip to Peru, where I got to explore ancient ruins and experience the culture first-hand (more on that in a future post). I also moved into a house with my wonderful girlfriend, and moved from teaching 7th Grade New Mexico History, to teaching 8th Grade U.S. History alongside my mentor teacher. On top of that my podcast, "Rogues in the House", was nominated for an award by the Robert E. Howard Foundation! We lost. But still.

Exciting stuff!

While all of that was indeed amazing, I have to say that my biggest accomplishments so far were my three short fiction submissions that were accepted for publication. I hadn't ever submitted much, but always knew that I had wanted to. With some encouragement from friend, family, my awesome editor, and my fellow podcast rogues, I did it. Got a couple of rejections, but that's all part of the game. Much to my excitement however, three stories were picked up!

The first is titled "Box of Bones" and will appear in the anthology titled "Reach for the Sky" by Rogue Blades Entertainment. The other two are Sword and Sorcery tales, "The Bull and the Djinn" and "Asgina", which will appear in the anthology "Death's Sting" (also by RBE), and a future issue of Weirdbook magazine, respectively.

At the same time, I have received some glowing feedback on my upcoming novel, "Existence", which will be out in about two months!

Good stuff.

I hope you look forward to reading these short stories in print as much as I do.

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